Come dovrebbe un'azienda immergersi nei social media?

Questa è la seconda parte di una serie in tre parti. La prima parte era Quando un'azienda dovrebbe immergersi nei social media? Sorry for the delay on this post, it's been a heck of a week at work – 3 projects coming to a close, one of them over a year in the making!

Ho anche fatto una pausa poiché ci sono state alcune grandi discussioni intorno al primo post, specialmente in un file post dei ragazzi di Deep Tech Dive:

But I question Doug's assertion that you should first ?involve all the leaders in your company ? those who own the strategy of the corporation.? Perhaps Indianapolis is on a different planet (Jeff, you're from Kentucky, what do you think?) where the executive team has the time and understanding of social media to reach kumbaya. But here, the quickest way to kill a new communications initiative is to hold it hostage to top-level consensus. Not that leadership approval isn't important, but that it is nearly impossible to achieve, especially BEFORE you can show any concrete ROI.

I probably missed the mark on this one in my post: I'm not concerned about having a consensus decision at a boardroom level. What I'm really concerned with is helping the leadership of the company recognize the opportunities and traps that will arise by opening your business up to this strategy. The author continues:

A start-small strategy sometimes works better, in a number of ways. All you need is one enterprising writer, some very inexpensive tools, and one communications problem you can measure. Perhaps it's as basic as getting more traffic to your Web site. Or raising awareness of new support materials and programs. Or broadening customer interest by telling interesting anecdotes about how real people are using your products or services.

While i agree that this will supply your company with a quick start and not enough time to go to the ‘black hole committee', I have seen this approach have both excellent and devastating results. Perhaps the best example I saw of this strategy was friend Chris Baggottsul blog di Best practice per l'email marketing. Ovviamente Chris aveva il vantaggio di essere sia il proprietario che il Chief Marketing Officer di ExactTarget, quindi era un po 'più facile tornare indietro.

The question isn't whether Chris' blog had impact. It had incredible impact! The question is whether or not it reached its full potential and had the business impact, organization-wide, that it potuto avere. Chris se ne andò Obiettivo esattoT per avviare Blogware Compendium (disclaimer: ho aiutato Chris a sviluppare il concept originale) perché anche lui lo immaginava!

Chris ha imparato le basi del blogging per diversi anni su Typepad. Quando Chris ha capito il potenziale del blog su marketing per motori di ricerca, integrazione, ecc., Era troppo tardi per andarsene Typepad and take full advantage of the blogging medium. He was backlinked everywhere (he's still #1 for Best practice per l'email marketing“. C'erano alcune dozzine di altri termini a cui Chris avrebbe voluto essere associato per la generazione di lead a ExactTarget, ma non aveva modo di capire che il giorno in cui ha saltato e ha iniziato a scrivere sul blog. Gli sarebbe piaciuto anche avere altre persone nel blog dell'organizzazione, per aumentare l'impatto.

Who's Telling You How?

spazio ufficioThis is why I'm such a huge advocate of finding the right Social Media consultants for your business. A great consultant can review your tools, your business and find the appropriate tools that will fit into your strategy. Local social media consultants are also aware of the social media landscape – and can assist you with where per eseguire la tua strategia, non solo come.

Il tuo addetto IT può avere WordPress running in 5 minutes (the famous 1-click install). Does that mean he knows how to construct your theme for search engine crawlers? Does he know how to layout the permalinks and page titles for maximum impact? Does he know what plugins are a must have? No, he doesn't – otherwise he'd be running a successful blog, speaking, and consulting on the side. This is one of those areas where you can get totally duped by the Open Source spirit.

Amo l'Open Source! Amo WordPress! Lo userei per avviare una strategia globale sui social media per un'azienda? No. WordPress è un sistema di gestione dei contenuti incentrato sull'autore, non un sistema di gestione dei contenuti incentrato sull'azienda.

Who's the Voice of Your Company?

Often, your marketing department are not your best resources for executing a social media strategy. Marketers are a keen bunch. We think on our feet and we often have the overall brand strategy in mind when we speak. If you enter a social network and start slinging lingo that's usually riservato a BS Bingo, it's an automatic F. If you aren't asked to leave, be prepared to have your company harangued publicly for violating the key principle of social media – trust.

Ci sono persone nella tua organizzazione in questo momento che hanno costruito credibilità, autorità e un'enorme rete nel loro settore. Questi sono i connettori e gli influencer che devi reclutare nella tua strategia!

Don't Eat Just One!

Last point on how to get started. Please don't put all your trust in a single ‘expert'. Expert is a term that's relative, especially with regard to social media. Companies are just scraping the surface right now on how to leverage this incredible medium to build relationships and findability for their companies. Beware of extreme terms like never, all, nobody, everyone… the strategy you don't bet on may have been the one to get you your biggest win.

Trova alcuni consulenti di social media, persone in grado di comprendere la tua attività, il tuo settore, le tue strategie di marketing, l'adozione della tecnologia e che possono istruire il tuo team di leadership su questo nuovo affascinante mezzo.

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    Doug, siamo lieti di vedere un'altra puntata della tua serie. Grazie per aver risposto alla nostra preoccupazione per il consenso della direzione. Siamo d'accordo che gli esperti sono importanti per evitare mine terrestri e individuare opportunità. È un ottimo argomento per il nostro pubblico deep-tech, quindi lo siamo continuando la nostra copertura della serie su McBruBlog. Attendiamo con ansia la parte 3! - David

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