La domanda numero 1 che gli utenti dei motori di ricerca chiedono sulla tua attività

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Nel 2014, tra tutte le ricerche su Google, che era il termine n. 1 utilizzato dagli utenti dei motori di ricerca. Ogni prodotto o servizio venduto su Internet risponde a Come. The question is whether or not you're the destination for the information they're seeking.

If you're a sports drink, the how might be how to deal with cramps, or how to prepare your body for a hard workout. If you're an analitica company, the how might be how to accurately analyze data to provide return on investment data for your campaigns. If you're an designer di infografica, come potrebbe essere come selezionare il fornitore o come promuovere efficacemente un'infografica.

Some companies don't speak about che because they're concerned about putting their trade secrets online. It's a double-edged sword that I personally believe you're only hurting yourself with. If you're not disclosing how, your competitors have the opportunity to. Being able to fully evaluate che risolvono il problema fornisce loro un vantaggio competitivo.

And in this day and age, if you don't believe people researching their next purchase can't find che you do it, you're delirious. I'd much rather write about how we correct problems and solve issues for our clients than have our competitors position our offerings incorrectly. That's exactly what we've seen happen in our industry.

So, as you're planning out your 2015 content for your company, there are tons of come domande potresti rispondere online.

  • Come to select a vendor (and why you're better).
  • Come to justify the expense (and perhaps how you're more affordable).
  • Come per valutare la soluzione (e come la tua soluzione corrisponde).
  • Come per risolvere il problema (senza e con la tua soluzione per capire la differenza che fai).
  • Come the industry is changing (and you're staying on top).
  • Come fattori esterni (economia, talento, tecnologia) influenzano la soluzione.
  • Come you're qualified to respond (certifications, regulations, infrastructure).
  • Come molte risorse necessarie (e come ridurle).
  • Come molto costa (e come si prezzi in modo efficace).

La cosa più bella della risposta come domande is that you're able to effectively position your company, your product or your service to help in the solution. Sure, if you're answering che per installare un pavimento in legno, qualcuno potrebbe decidere di farlo da solo. Ma un efficace che to article would go into great detail to provide why it's a better idea to get a professional.

DIYs weren't going to use your service anyways, you're after the person that's researching how difficult it is.


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