Non stai ricevendo concerti a causa della tua presenza online

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Durante la mia presentazione di sabato al Associazione Nazionale Relatori, I shared a presentation and supporting data for the speakers to understand why a content and social strategy were key to their own efforts in building authority and finding speaking opportunities. It's an incredible group to speak to since they provide me as much value in feedback with my speaking as I provide them in promoting theirs. I'm very thankful to Karl Ahlrichs per l'occasione, egli stesso leader nel parlare di capitale umano e sanità.

Molti oratori pubblici presenti ottengono opportunità tramite la ricerca di relatori in eSpeakers e Sito web della NSA. Other opportunities come by way of word of mouth. For these reasons, there's some doubt as to the effectiveness of content and social media for many of these professionals who have been on the circuit for years.

While it's true that they can be found via these sites, whether or not they have a reputation and autorità in linea is critical to closing opportunities online. If I'm going to invest thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on hiring a public speaker, what do you think the chances are that prospective event coordinators or businesses are then researching your online presence for videos and thought leadership pieces shared via the web?

If you're a public speaker and your competition has their speech professionally edited on Youtube, a byline on the Wall Street Journal, and a fantastic web site where they maintain an active calendar of events as well as a library of resources – what do you think your chances are of speaking at that event if you don't have the same? My guess is that you're missing out on a lot of opportunities.

One specific speaker wasn't sold. He voiced his concern that there really was only crap out there that he had found when he looked for content that would be of value to his audience. I told him that I wished that was true of my industry, where there's incredible competition and my colleagues share incredible information. I wish I were in an industry that lacked quality content online… because I'd absolutely work on dominating that market! That's not a problem… it's an opportunity.

At the half-day event, we walked through the stages of building your social media presence and authority online. It's a staged approach:

Fasi della costruzione dell'autorità dei social media

Quattro fasi della creazione dell'autorità online

  1. Advocacy – listen, respond and meet with leaders in your industry and prospects that you're trying to connect with. Think of this as simply starting the conversation.
  2. Credibilità - affermarsi come una risorsa e qualcuno in grado di fornire valore all'industria. Educa le persone, condividi contenuti curati e fai presentazioni per accoppiare persone con problemi e persone con soluzioni.
  3. Pubblico – now that you're connected, it's time to grow, promote and entertain your audience so that you can establish a personal and emotional connection with them.
  4. Comunità - il pubblico ascolta, ma le comunità parlano a nome. Il Santo Graal dei media online è quando il tuo pubblico ti promuove invece di dover fare tutto il lavoro.

Applicalo nuovamente al discorso pubblico e immagina le opportunità quando la tua comunità inizia a richiedere la tua presenza agli eventi o a consigliarti per il prossimo discorso chiave dietro l'angolo!

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